Attorneys Dillon & Dillon have provided excellent criminal defense to hundreds of people who, for various reasons, committed a crime or broke the law with a DUI, domestic violence, sex crimes, murder, drugs, battery, felonies or misdemeanors.

We are convinced that all people deserve a second chance and also a professional and competitive legal representation.

If you have a criminal defense need, do not hesitate to call our office, we have all the knowledge and resources to mitigate or even dismiss your case.

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Attorney Isaac Dillon

Attorney Isaac Dillon is one of the most prominent attorneys in Southern California. With great experience, he has won hundreds of cases such as probation, sexual crimes, parole hearings, domestic violence and many more. He has great experience to confront the District Attorney, City and Police Prosecutors. Dillon treats each case in a unique and totally personalized way. He’s also bilingual and a member of the California Bar Association.

Attorney Dona Dillon

Attorney Dona Dillon has always been a very passionate defender of the law. She was in law school and already working to defend trials for murder. Also, she knows well how the offices of the District Prosecutor work. She is passionate about the law, ready to defend people who have been injured by medical malpractice, accidental or wrongful death. She has always distinguished herself by being a lawyer who fights for the rights of injured people. She was one of the best students at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and is now a member of the Bar Association of this state. She’s bilingual in Farsi and English. And she is willing to help you with your legal case.