When family problems do not have a solution. A Family Law Attorney can help.

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Couples get married forever. When forever is no longer an option, it may be best a separation for the best of everyone, especially when children are involved.

When marriage is no longer possible, sensitive conversations are best to have with professionals. Our Family Law experience at Dillon & Dillon has helped individuals go through such difficult time with ease and less stress. Divorce, separation, child custody, restraining orders, domestic violence, assault proceedings and more situations are taken into consideration for your best outcome.

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Divorce: A difficult situation for all, but we try to make it as easy as possible. Sometimes you have to establish certain things like separation of assets, alimony or spousal support.

Domestic violence: No type of violence is allowed. We are prepared to enforce your rights and defend them.

Alimony: The fact that get a divorce doesn’t mean you separate from your children, so you have to define the changes that can especially affect the children.

Children’s custody: If you are facing custody battle for your children, we suggest that you get the help and advice of a family lawyer. He will always be your best counselor in this case of situations.

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