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No one is exempt from suffering an accident, either to a lesser or greater degree. If, unfortunately, you or a family member are in this situation we recommend to get advice from a good lawyer.

Even more if you, a family o friend member got hurt. You may need to see a doctor, follow a treatment, or you may be disabled for life, so it is best to have the support of a personal injury lawyer.

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If you were involved in a car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle accident, or you were run over, tripped in a store or any other place, or you were bitten by a dog or hurt at work, calls us.

The legal offices of Dillon & Dillon Law Group have attorneys with extensive experience and professionalism to represent and defend you from insurers. You are not alone, you have a trusted lawyer by your side.

We will fight for you to get the best compensation possible to correct the damage caused.